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Fair Food Book Tour: 06/30 San Diego, CA
06/30 San Diego, CA

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Fair FoodFAIR FOOD is an enlightening and inspiring guide to changing not only what we eat, but how food is grown, packaged, delivered, and sold.

A host of books and films in recent years have documented in great detail the dangers of our current food system, but advice on what to do about it largely begins and ends with the admonition to "eat local" or "eat organic." Just as you can't impact the course of climate change by simply switching to CFL bulbs, you can't fix the broken food system by simply growing a backyard garden. It requires redesigning our food system. Enter FAIR FOOD, an inspiring guide to changing not only what we eat, but how our food is grown, packaged, delivered, marketed and sold.

Author and leading food pioneer Oran B. Hesterman's menu for change offers the reader questions to ask at farmers' markets, tools for starting buy-fresh/buy-local campaigns; advice for forming buyer's clubs that purchase food directly from farmers and fishermen, and guidance about the legislation to support at the local, state, and federal levels. The time for systemic, practical, and widespread action is at hand, and FAIR FOOD is the ideal resource and guide for readers who want to be a part of the fair food revolution.